Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Year is coming up fast and I have updated my hyperlinks

Today I finished updating the photo's hyperlinks regarding all the modifications I have conducted and recorded on my Toyota Tacoma 4x4.

The links are located on the TTORA website's Garage threads.

This includes all the suspension, frame reinforcement, bumpers, OBA and other stuff.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions.

Take care!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hope you and your family have a safe and fun Christmas and a even Better New Year!

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and son first...
then our new home that we built this year.
Even with my operation on my knee I am so thankful for Dr. Ray for doing a great job.
Plus that my friend's girlfriend was not injured when my truck got away from me when my knee buckled from under me.

God and our family was looking out for her.
So Merry Christmas and talk to you all later!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Knee...repaired :)

Well...6-am Cindy & I headed to the hospital.
After getting ready and the Dr. Gas man came in to do his evaluation. The last thing I said to Cindy was "hey I can feel it in my hand"...then I was out! A few hours later...I was in my hospital room and Cindy there. Big wrap around my knee. My Doctor came in and told me that when he looked inside, he had replaced my ACL, placed an implant for the Articular Cartilage and fixed a tear in my Meniscus. Three amazing thing is that when my Doctor arrived, we were talking and I was sitting at the edge of the bed with my knee at 90-degrees....I do have that wonderful knee bending machine. He only wants me to bend it to a max of 45 degrees and only toe-touching. He also took a bunch of photos of the operation...I asked him to do that. So, when I visit him next week for follow-up, I will get them from him.
I was released at 1130-am Wednesday (Dec 17)...spent the afternoon laying on the sofa with my machine. It is good to be home. It's going to be an interesting 6-weeks of not going to work.

Cya around and I will keep you all updated.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some more pics...

2010 the new roadster arrives!

Well...the official photos for the new BMW Z4 are out on the here they are for you.

Overall, I am pleased on the design, the rear has the look of the 6-series.
The front grill looks different...guess I will have to see it in person.
I am SO GLAD that the side mirrors are NORMAL and not have those crazy turn signals built in with the egg-yoke lights.
The interior is also very nice, way better than the current Z4 (sorry guys)...the new one is aiming back to be DRIVER-Orientated.
The side gills are okay.
Should be interesting to see the specs and the Z4 in person around May of next year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2010 BMW Z4

Just saw some pics of the new 2010 and a better graphic photo of the Z4...much better!

If this is a true representation of the Z4, I like it.

Better lines....can't wait to see it in person.

My knee - 25 years in the making!

Well, I saw the surgeon and my ACL is torn and I have a piece missing from by cartilage, the one on the femur Well, I knew or knee that this was coming, I just needed to know how bad was bad. I can hobble with out my crutches. But not for long.
I have been more interested in the Pre-OP requirements, than the Post-OP...which I know that it is all about Physical Therapy.
I plan to call next week to schedule the surgery...hoping it will happen this year.
According to the will be 2-3 days no weight on the foot.
2-weeks of some weight on the foot
6-weeks until no crutches.
1 year plus of rehab! That will be fun.

I have already started preparing to work at home....
Going to be an interesting year.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving is over....and other stuff.

Boy the food that my LW made was GREAT! Our son, my LW, me and of course our dog stuffed our selves of so much turkey and desert, we still had left overs!

Check out Lone Start Stitcher and her Ramblings blog for pics.

Other things that happened, last weekend, during a real bad day of wheeling, where (4) trucks were damaged..but there was one real scary moment, that I thought that my friend's girlfriend was seriously injured, when my truck popped out of drive and rolled backwards over her. Thank God, he was looking out for her, she did not get seriously hurt, just shaken. The only person hurt was me, when I realized my truck was rolling, I turned to stop, jump back into the truck, but my knee buckled and down I went. I went to the doctors the next morning and had an X-ray.

My friend's truck before I backed into it and the photo on the right is what happened to his front bumper and grill. :(

My rear bumper's damage...still works.

My X-ray.
Received word that part of the cartilage is worn down on one side and I have signs of arthritis.
Then I went for an MRI later in the week and last night the doctors informed me that I have torn the cartilage and I need to see a orthopedics doctor...more fun.
Going to get it scheduled tomorrow to see my options.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Toyota Jamboree (January 15 thru 18, 2009)

Well this weekend I have signed up for the Toyota Jamboree Off-Road Event at Gilmer Tx.
It will be held during January 15 thru 18, 2009.

If you own a Toyota off-road truck, suv and want to see how capable you are on the trails.

Go to the following website and sign up.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voted -- finally...

I really tried to do the early voting here in Texas....but due to my traveling back and forth into Mexico it was tough. I finally had a day that I was in town and I even planned to leave early to go vote...but faith had other plans, emergencies, etc. that I had to take care of, before leaving. Hence I could not vote last Friday.
But today I made sure I went to the polling place and get there before they opened...expecting fairly heavy crowds.
I actually spent more time sitting in my truck than waiting in line and to vote! LOL.
Well we shall see how the next four years go and how well the new President guides this great country into the future.

BTW - -I will be heading back to Mexico for the day again this week - - fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finished painting the shed!!! FINALLY!

Today, I have finished painting the shed!
Three colors - three odd weeks later...all done.

Another project completed....a few dozen more to do.
Next I need finish organizing the garage.
Received my replacement Lista Mobile Cabinet.

Now to fill it up!

Been debating on what car/truck to get next...

For the past year or two, I have been thinking of what car or truck I should get next.

For trucks...I been eyeing the FJ40s - especially the open top versions.

Then for cars...well...
The new BMW M3 Coupe'

Or my dream...a AC Cobra kit car.

Of course one car would have to leave....the 2000 Z3.
to make room for it in the garage.
Then Cindy's 330i would be next for replacement.
Maybe a Mini Cooper S or 135i or 335i
But that would be the year later, say 2010.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tacoma Front brake line installed! our Toyota Land Crusier Association club had a Wrench-A-Ton.
I helped on installing a new locker into the differential.
Bled the brakes on another truck and then installed my new brake lines from Goodridge on my rig.

Additionally, we all had a great grilled BBQ for lunch!
MANY Thanks to Bret of Americana Off-Road in San Antonio for hosting us.

Great times with friends, dogs and food!

What dog?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inner CV Boot - tacoma

Last weekend, I replaced my worn out Inner CV Boots with ORS CV Boots.
After 100,000 miles, my boots have finally torn.

I bought ORS' CV to love the RED!

The install was easy.
Check out my TTORA' Garage Section for TejasYOTA for the details.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Returned from Mexico....

Just did a quick day trip to our facility in Mexico.
It went well...I really could have stayed another day.
So much to do and not a ton of time to complete it or enough help.
I again need to head back down this week for another two
Other than that, I plan to work on my Tacoma this weekend, by replacing my front brake lines with new Stainless versions. Plus replace one of my CV Boots that I used in conjunction with my new ORS CV Boot. I just need to stop by the dealer to get a boot and grease, before the weekend.
Hope eveyone had a great day so far!
Talk to U later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Blog now????

I was checking out my Favorites and clicked on to my personal website
I noticed that it reached over 49,000 hits, since I started it up on January 2001.

Some people ask, since you have a website, why have other personal type websites also?
Well during Christmas of 2006, my computer's harddrive crashed badly.
I lost all my documents, which included all my webpages that I had stored.
I tried to recover the stuff, but with no luck.
I really also have not tried to see if it is possible to download from the web, the html codes.
So that I can start over again.

So in the past year...I have been keeping up with all my events and modifications, home building, etc on other Facebook, TTORA and Photobucket and now BLOGGER.

One day, I will get my website back up and running and maybe at that time, I will eliminate all the extra sites that I update. We shall see.

Well it's Sunday and this will be a long weekend, with lots of traveling to Mexico and a customer visit. Going to be a good week.
Later All!

My first BLOG!

It will have a little bit of more information for the WWW about me, my LW, my family and my hobbies...BMW CCA Tejas Chapter, TTORA Central Region and Soon to be RC Off Road Trucks.
First, I want to thank my LW for allowing me to have such great hobbies.
I hope to BLOG about only about my hobbies....

You can thank my LW on adding another element of informing the world about me. ;)