Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving is over....and other stuff.

Boy the food that my LW made was GREAT! Our son, my LW, me and of course our dog stuffed our selves of so much turkey and desert, we still had left overs!

Check out Lone Start Stitcher and her Ramblings blog for pics.

Other things that happened, last weekend, during a real bad day of wheeling, where (4) trucks were damaged..but there was one real scary moment, that I thought that my friend's girlfriend was seriously injured, when my truck popped out of drive and rolled backwards over her. Thank God, he was looking out for her, she did not get seriously hurt, just shaken. The only person hurt was me, when I realized my truck was rolling, I turned to stop, jump back into the truck, but my knee buckled and down I went. I went to the doctors the next morning and had an X-ray.

My friend's truck before I backed into it and the photo on the right is what happened to his front bumper and grill. :(

My rear bumper's damage...still works.

My X-ray.
Received word that part of the cartilage is worn down on one side and I have signs of arthritis.
Then I went for an MRI later in the week and last night the doctors informed me that I have torn the cartilage and I need to see a orthopedics doctor...more fun.
Going to get it scheduled tomorrow to see my options.

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