Saturday, December 6, 2008

My knee - 25 years in the making!

Well, I saw the surgeon and my ACL is torn and I have a piece missing from by cartilage, the one on the femur Well, I knew or knee that this was coming, I just needed to know how bad was bad. I can hobble with out my crutches. But not for long.
I have been more interested in the Pre-OP requirements, than the Post-OP...which I know that it is all about Physical Therapy.
I plan to call next week to schedule the surgery...hoping it will happen this year.
According to the will be 2-3 days no weight on the foot.
2-weeks of some weight on the foot
6-weeks until no crutches.
1 year plus of rehab! That will be fun.

I have already started preparing to work at home....
Going to be an interesting year.

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