Saturday, June 20, 2009

Major maintenance conducted

Well this past week, i did what i should have done last year...major maintenance on the Tacoma.
Replaced the Timing Belt, other belts, radiator hose (upper & lower), thermostat, water pump and belt idler.
Boy the way the truck sounds and powers through the gears is just like new!

Then I started the work on my Shovel & Axe carrier that will be mounted onto my bed bar.
I used plastic wood, that I been hauling since living in NC.
I would have finished if the Quick Fist that I ordered was not mistakenly sent to my old home in SanAntonio!
SO now I have to wait until Tues, June 23 fo it to be rerouted and delivered to New Braunfels.
Semi-pissed, but at least it is not lost.

I will post up photos of the finished work, once I get it, drill (4) holes and bolt it together.
Later ya'll!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

MY Z3 at da GAP.

Here is my video of my drive at da GAP.

Note this is a shortened version of the whole ride.
But still worth checking it out.
NOTE that I DO NOT recommend anyone doing this without prior experience in autocrossing, proper maintenance of your car and plenty of knowledge on watching the road way ahead.

Enjoy the vid.

Uploading video my drive at the Gap from years ago

Many many years ago, my friend David and I took a drive on one of the best roads East of the Mississippi River.
Tail of the Dragon.
The video is a shorten version, but it will give you a feel of the road.
I will post up the link, once the video uploads onto Youtube.