Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tacoma Front brake line installed! our Toyota Land Crusier Association club had a Wrench-A-Ton.
I helped on installing a new locker into the differential.
Bled the brakes on another truck and then installed my new brake lines from Goodridge on my rig.

Additionally, we all had a great grilled BBQ for lunch!
MANY Thanks to Bret of Americana Off-Road in San Antonio for hosting us.

Great times with friends, dogs and food!

What dog?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inner CV Boot - tacoma

Last weekend, I replaced my worn out Inner CV Boots with ORS CV Boots.
After 100,000 miles, my boots have finally torn.

I bought ORS' CV to love the RED!

The install was easy.
Check out my TTORA' Garage Section for TejasYOTA for the details.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Returned from Mexico....

Just did a quick day trip to our facility in Mexico.
It went well...I really could have stayed another day.
So much to do and not a ton of time to complete it or enough help.
I again need to head back down this week for another two
Other than that, I plan to work on my Tacoma this weekend, by replacing my front brake lines with new Stainless versions. Plus replace one of my CV Boots that I used in conjunction with my new ORS CV Boot. I just need to stop by the dealer to get a boot and grease, before the weekend.
Hope eveyone had a great day so far!
Talk to U later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Blog now????

I was checking out my Favorites and clicked on to my personal website
I noticed that it reached over 49,000 hits, since I started it up on January 2001.

Some people ask, since you have a website, why have other personal type websites also?
Well during Christmas of 2006, my computer's harddrive crashed badly.
I lost all my documents, which included all my webpages that I had stored.
I tried to recover the stuff, but with no luck.
I really also have not tried to see if it is possible to download from the web, the html codes.
So that I can start over again.

So in the past year...I have been keeping up with all my events and modifications, home building, etc on other Facebook, TTORA and Photobucket and now BLOGGER.

One day, I will get my website back up and running and maybe at that time, I will eliminate all the extra sites that I update. We shall see.

Well it's Sunday and this will be a long weekend, with lots of traveling to Mexico and a customer visit. Going to be a good week.
Later All!

My first BLOG!

It will have a little bit of more information for the WWW about me, my LW, my family and my hobbies...BMW CCA Tejas Chapter, TTORA Central Region and Soon to be RC Off Road Trucks.
First, I want to thank my LW for allowing me to have such great hobbies.
I hope to BLOG about only about my hobbies....

You can thank my LW on adding another element of informing the world about me. ;)