Saturday, June 20, 2009

Major maintenance conducted

Well this past week, i did what i should have done last year...major maintenance on the Tacoma.
Replaced the Timing Belt, other belts, radiator hose (upper & lower), thermostat, water pump and belt idler.
Boy the way the truck sounds and powers through the gears is just like new!

Then I started the work on my Shovel & Axe carrier that will be mounted onto my bed bar.
I used plastic wood, that I been hauling since living in NC.
I would have finished if the Quick Fist that I ordered was not mistakenly sent to my old home in SanAntonio!
SO now I have to wait until Tues, June 23 fo it to be rerouted and delivered to New Braunfels.
Semi-pissed, but at least it is not lost.

I will post up photos of the finished work, once I get it, drill (4) holes and bolt it together.
Later ya'll!

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