Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Knee...repaired :)

Well...6-am Cindy & I headed to the hospital.
After getting ready and the Dr. Gas man came in to do his evaluation. The last thing I said to Cindy was "hey I can feel it in my hand"...then I was out! A few hours later...I was in my hospital room and Cindy there. Big wrap around my knee. My Doctor came in and told me that when he looked inside, he had replaced my ACL, placed an implant for the Articular Cartilage and fixed a tear in my Meniscus. Three amazing thing is that when my Doctor arrived, we were talking and I was sitting at the edge of the bed with my knee at 90-degrees....I do have that wonderful knee bending machine. He only wants me to bend it to a max of 45 degrees and only toe-touching. He also took a bunch of photos of the operation...I asked him to do that. So, when I visit him next week for follow-up, I will get them from him.
I was released at 1130-am Wednesday (Dec 17)...spent the afternoon laying on the sofa with my machine. It is good to be home. It's going to be an interesting 6-weeks of not going to work.

Cya around and I will keep you all updated.

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