Sunday, July 26, 2009

Traded in our 2001 330i for ......

something newer, more power, more toys, cooler engine....
its a 2007 335i sedan.

We traded in our older '01, because it has been over 5 years without a car payment, and Cindy's 330i was coming of age that more maintenance would be required. We did think of getting a Mini or a mid-sized SUV so something like that. We ended up back to the next gen 3-series.
We purchased this Monaco Blue Bimmer from The BMW Center of San Antonio and from our salesman Robert Carver.
This was the second car we have purchased from this dealership and from this same salesman.

You may be wondering what is behind our 335i, well it is my well use 2000 BMW Z3 2.8L roadster that was my first new car purchase. The 335i makes this the 3rd BMW we have owned and so far no regrets at all. One great running car!

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